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About Us

The Shan Relief Foundation is a Non-Profit Society registered with the Alberta Societies.  We are an organization dedicated to the relief of the Shan people of Burma.  We were founded in November 2007 under the Alberta Society Act for the purpose of delivering humanitarian aid into the Shan States of Burma.

The SRF is formally committed and contracted to serving the people of the Federated Shan States and the surrounding areas in Burma and Thailand.


We will establish a Shan Refugee Reception Center and coordinate the ensured safe delivery of humanitarian aid with other NGOs to reach thousands of Shan refugees and the displaced men, women, and children who have fled from the brutality, rape, genocide and extra-judicial killing of Shan and other civilians by soldiers of the Burmese Army currently occupying the Shan States.


We will tirelessly assist the refugees in preparation for their return to a safer homeland, in counseling, in training, vocational assistance and resettlement and making the Shan sanctuary open to all regional refugees.


We absolutely support global measures to end the human trafficking of the Shan and other exploited men, women and children who are a product of the traumas and conflicts of the region.


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