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2008 Constitution of the Federated Shan States


In accordance with the Shan Relief Foundation's deeply held values and recognitions of human rights, we are proud to present and support on this website the 2008 Constitution of the Federated Shan States, which is modelled on the Swiss Constitution, and which enshrines the UN Charter of Human Rights as part of its constitutional rights. As a non-political humanitarian aid organization, it is rare that any political statement be made by us, but in this case it is necessary for us to make a moral statement which may be twisted by some to be interpreted as political. They would be wrong.


The Shan Constitution is a vastly different document from the new constitution which the Burmese illegal Miltary junta is attempting to enforce upon the people of the former Union of Burma, and to fob off as "democratic" to the world community,which denies these basic rights to those under its power and control.


Any such evil document enforced upon these people, designed to perpetuate the miltary stranglehold on the people, and DECLARED ADOPTED BY A MAJORITY, BUT ONLY BY THOSE WHO ARE UNDER DURESS  is nul and void, and must and will be challenged in the world courts until struck down. This must be done for the sake of humanity, decency, and the charter of human rights, and for the 47 million people of the former Union of Burma who are subjected daily to such tyranny.


You are urged to examine the 2008 Constitution of the Federated Shan States as a living breathing document charged with supporting the code and values of the Shan people, and of their deep desire for peace, freedom, and harmony with all.


Read the Constitution here:  2008 Constitution of the Federated Shan States

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