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On April 17, 2005 the Shan State made a Declaration of Independence and the Shan Government was elected by the people.  The SG is now working to fulfill its Mandate for Independence and to deliver humanitarian relief to the victims of Burmese SPDC atrocities and war crimes.


Government Structure & Portfolio






President & Head of State

His Royal Highness Tzao Hso Khan Pha

(B.A. (Hons), Keele, UK. 1964., Geology & Political Institutions, P..Geol)






Vice President

Hkun His Ha

( Bio, Dip. Ed. RA, Rangoon University)


Foreign Minister

Hkun Hom

(Dipl. Ing. Austria, M.Sc. Engineering, MIMM, Melb.)


Defense Minister & Acting Prime Minister

Col. Sao Hsai Kher

(War Veteran)


Reconstruction and Development Minister

Hkun Htoon Aye

(B.Com, Rangoon University, War Veteran)


Finance Minister

Sao Sai Yord


Deputy Finance Minister

Hsai Khoang


Home Minister

Pandida (a) Zhao Khur Sur

(War Veteran)


Deputy Home Minister

Sai Lont Mueang

(War Veteran, Former Num Serk Harn)


Information Minister

Sai Suvan Soikhamseng

(Dip, BA, MA, Ceylon, Dip in Computer Science)


Minister of Trade and Commerce

Khun Sai Yord


Minster of Forestry

Khun Fa


Minister of Religion and Culture

Tzao Hsur Htao


Minister of Education

Hkun Vicitta


Minister of Health

Hkun Sai Kham

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