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The Shan State is rich in natural resources such as silver, lead, gold, copper, iron, tin, wolfram, tungsten, manganese, nickel, coal, mica, antimony, fluorite, marble, gemstones and even uranium.


The Bawdwin-Namtu silver and lead deposit in the north is one of the largest in the world.  The Bawsai Mines in the south produces lead and pyrites.  In the surrounding hills of the southern town of Kalaw, dolomite, pyrites and fluorides can be found in abundance.  At Loi Ma, near another southern town of Hpe-Khoung, lead deposits remain undeveloped.  Besides these known deposits, there are also tin and wolfram deposits at Pangpek near the capital of Taunggyi, estimated at over 63 million tons.  Diamonds are found in the region of Mong Mit and gems in Namhkan Township.  Many undiscovered or unexplored natural resources in the Shan State still remain hidden.


Pine and evergreen forests can be found in abundance.  Valuable woods such as teak, padauk or pterocarpus, sandalwood and ironwood cover over 42,210 square miles.


Being blessed with fertile soil, all kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown according to each region's conditions.  Items such as rice, tea, cheroot leaves, tobacco, potatoes, oranges, lemon, pears, and opium are produced.  Many forest products such as Lac, cutch, honey, beeswax and wild orchids can also be found.  Cattle-and horse-breeding is also a common sight in low grasslands.

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