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Looting of villages is a method used by the SPDC to maintain monetary control over the people.  They also strategically, and sometimes randomly, raid villages to reduce the likelihood of resistance and to maintain power over all.  These methods are also utilized to force the relocation of villagers to a more controlled location.





When the SPDC troops arrive in a village, they will demand or simply take whatever supplies are necessary for their own survival.  This includes money, food, livestock, utensils and transportation.  Often they will also destroy whatever is not needed.  They will stab pots and plates with their bayonets rendering them useless, destroy food supplies, kill livestock, demolish any form of transportation and even set fire to the village itself.  Farmerís lands are then seized and turned into opium fields for production by the SPDC.


During the looting process, many are raped, tortured, beaten, kidnapped or killed by the SPDC troops.

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