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The torturing of civilians is a powerful weapon used by the SPDC to control the masses.  Unimaginable acts are performed against innocent victims on a daily basis, often with no purpose other than pleasure or control.


Some forms of torture are utilized to degrade or humiliate an individual.  Women are forced to dance naked in the centre of the village to entertain the amused troops.  Others are forced to disrobe and sit endlessly in a stream whilst leeches penetrate their entire body.


Other forms of torture are shear punishment or brutality.  Villagers are forcibly injected with large quantities of heroin, slashed with bayonets and their wounds filled with salt, tied up with rope and left to hang upside down or dragged behind vehicles, and various forms of water torture are performed.  Plastic bags are commonly used to temporarily and repeatedly suffocate victims, usually whilst being beaten and kicked.


Blade wounds are commonplace.  Many are slashed, stabbed or speared continuously.  Appendages are cut off or faces are disfigured.  Victims have been tied up and placed over fire spits and slowly burned to death.  Many are endlessly beaten over a period of hours or even days.

The SPDC troops continue their reign of terror over these innocent civilians, utilizing any form of torture imaginable only by the most deranged of minds, without any fear of repercussion or interference by the outside world.

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