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One of the most widely perpetrated war crimes being committed by the SPDC is rape.  Troops take their pleasure at will from village to village.  No one is safe, from the oldest woman to children as young as 5 years old.  The youngest are stretched first with fingers or objects to accommodate the rape, having their genitals torn apart or disfigured in the process.  Those too young are sexually abused none the less, but without vaginal penetration.  Other children are forced to watch while their mothers, sisters or relatives are raped.  Pregnant women are not exempt from this brutality.


There are many reports of women being gang-raped by upwards of thirty men at once, or being bound in a hut and repeatedly raped over several days whilst being starved and tortured.  Women are also kidnapped from their villages to be held hostage in SPDC camps to provide pleasure and entertainment to the resting troops.


A large percentage of the women who are raped are also tortured and/or killed.  Earrings and jewelry are ripped out, ears or breasts are cut off, faces or genitals are disfigured or they are beaten repetitively until their last breath leaves their body.  Some are granted freedom only to be shot from behind as they leave.

Any complaints to authorities fall on deaf ears, often with families being threatened or ordered to pay court fees to dismiss the case.  The SPDC troops appear immune to criminal punishment or incarceration for these horrendous crimes.

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