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According to a 2006 Human Rights Watch report, the SPDC is only one of three governments to use anti-personnel mines on a regular basis.  Of those three (the other two being Russia and Nepal), the SPDCís use is by far the most extensive.  The use of landmines is so widespread in the Shan State that it is considered one of the most heavily landmined areas in the world.  The fact that the SDPC manufactures their own artillery and landmines does not help to reduce this staggering statistic.





The SPDC uses the landmines as a source of fear and control.  All poppy fields are laden with mines to prevent villagers from wandering during non-working hours and to deter raids on their fields.  Paths frequently traveled by villagers are littered with landmines to prevent them from foraging for food or from fleeing from the SDPC troops.  Many roads are also landmined to stop aid supplies from reaching IDP camps and to halt the flow of resistance fighters.


Although their use is purportedly to aid in defense, most landmine casualties or deaths are inflicted upon innocent civilians.  Farming has become a life-threatening occupation.  The SPDC regularly imposes forced relocations to control and amass the people and will place landmines throughout the village areas to prevent IDPís from returning home.  As none of the landmine locations are ever documented, these same civilians are then used as human minesweepers to clear safe areas for the SPDC troops.

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