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Human Trafficking


“Human Trade” is prolific in the Shan State.  On a continual basis, men, women and children are being exploited for the financial gain of the SDPC and its proxies.  No one is safe from the predator’s clutches.  Women and young girls (even ones of a minority age) are being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves or brides in foreign countries.  Families are forced to sell their children as unjust debt repayment for a variety of unsubstantiated fines.  Others are misled by promises of jobs or freedom.  Some women sadly choose to enter the sex trade as it is a better option to receive a small payment for sex than to remain in a village, living in fear for their lives and be repeatedly raped by invading SPDC troops.




How ever these victims become entangled in such horrific situations, the end result is usually death.  Not only are victims kidnapped, purchased or solicited for the sex trade, many are sold to be used as slaves for a variety of other purposes – living in harsh and inhumane conditions, punished, tortured and completely cut off from the outside world.  Human slavery is one of the fastest revenue generators for criminal organizations as the “commodity” is easily obtainable, easily replaceable and can be resold or traded over and over again.


This unethical treatment of human beings cannot continue and is only one example of the many atrocities currently being committed by the SPDC against the people of the Shan State.

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