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Approximately one third of the world’s supply of opium is produced under SPDC rule in the Shan State.  Farmers are forced to use their land to grow and harvest the opium.  Other farm land is illegally attained through brutality or murder and villagers are conscripted to work the fields.




The SPDC oversees the entire operation from supplying the seeds, to collecting the harvest and then manufacturing and distributing the illegal drugs.  Amphetamines and heroin are produced in mobile labs run by the SPDC and its proxies.  The finished product is then smuggled across borders by forced porters.


The farmers have no option but to comply with the demands of the SPDC and are given small amounts of the drugs as payment for their service.  This gives the SPDC complete control over the villagers as it unfortunately creates a dependency for these drugs.  This dependency is what the SPDC relies upon as the villagers amass a debt to maintain their habit.  With looting and poverty rampant, often the only available options for repayment are in human trade or sexual services.


Traveling SPDC troops also steal opium from the villages looted, offering to sell that opium in the next village for double the value.  The villagers are fined if they refuse to buy the drugs - thus creating further debt to the SPDC.  It is a never ending and vicious cycle that has destroyed the lives of many innocent civilians and furthered the corruption and power of the SPDC.

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Forced Portering/Slavery
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