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The overwhelming oppression and the atrocities currently occurring to the peoples of the Shan State of Burma are horrifying. Every single day people are suffering in a region filled with landmines, living in chaos and constant fear for their lives.



Our mission is to provide humanitarian aid and safe havens for refugees whose lives, homes and families have been torn apart and destroyed. Saving lives is our first priority. To give access to food, shelter, clothing, medical aid and education are just some of the immediate goals of our organization.

Reconstruction is an integral and crucial next step.  We believe that through perseverance we can achieve great things and make a difference, one person at a time. With both short and long-term planning, we can be successful.

We are a non-profit organization, funded through generous donations from both the public and private sectors.  Through collaborative efforts with other relief organizations, we strive to achieve success.

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